Fleet Tracking: What to know

Is your company considering an upgrade to its vehicle tracking system? Whether you have a small or large fleet of trucks, Global Positioning System (GPS) software from FleetTrax can provide you with the tools you need to advance your business and to rise above your competitors. Using this software can help you:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce vehicle wear
  • Obtain happy clientele

This fleet tracking software could save your business time because it provides a unique vehicle location service. Lost drivers delay deliveries while fuel is being burned unnecessarily. Additionally, time schedules are compromised.

Money is always the business’s prerogative. If you use this tracking system, real-time monitoring is a feature sure to assist you in saving money. You can watch from your computer monitor as well as your phone screen, where your fleet is headed. While you’re at it, view its fueling sites and where a truck might be stalled. Time, as mentioned earlier, is money. Clocked hours are valuable to getting the job done, on-time.

Worried about vehicle depreciation? The life of your fleet can be prolonged by using this tracking system. Not only will it monitor a vehicle’s overall performance, but the tracking software will indicate the road and weather conditions it has endured. Additionally, if your drivers are braking and/or speeding excessively, that can be noted as well so that you can remedy the situation for more info on how companies do this visit this website.

In conclusion, you can build your company’s reputation to higher levels as your customers benefit from the savings and quality service you produce. Your clients will be even more impressed when they learn that your tracking software promotes environmental stability because your upgraded and more efficient shipping company now produces less fuel emissions.


Owners of businesses in which multiple vehicles play a key role may find themselves wishing they could keep an eye on their fleet while it’s on the road. While it’s still not possible to be in two or more places at once, GPS fleet tracking allows these business owners the ability to monitor the performance of their vehicles from anywhere.

Here are just some examples of the value that this product/service can add to a business:

Building customer relationships

When your business is vehicle-based, it’s important to know where your vehicles are. This is especially true when customers call, wondering where their delivery is. Being able to give the customer a reliable time of arrival shows that the business is committed to knowing where its fleet is at all times and to building customer confidence. Consider, too, the benefit to a service business such as HVAC or plumbing repair. Should a customer call with an emergency, the fleet manager could then locate the closest technician or plumber and give the customer an accurate ETA. This sort of service only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve visibility

The ability to oversee the activities of your fleet can only improve the day-to-day operations of your company. With the help of this technology, you have the ability to track vehicle location as well as monitor such driver behaviors as excessive speeding, aggressive driving and unnecessary idling.

Lower business costs

Lowers long term overhead costs by providing pertinent usage information. For example, excessive or unnecessary idling can result in untold amounts of money spent on fuel. Being able to spot these instances and address them will therefore save money. Consider, too, not only possible revenue loss when a vehicle is out of commission due to mechanical problems, not to mention the cost incurred due to having it repaired.

Streamline workflow

It allows the fleet manager to track the last maintenance on all vehicles, as well as sending an alert when maintenance is due. When it comes to how long a driver worked in a given day, in many cases the honor system is involved. But with tracking software in place, the business’s payroll department can receive automatic reports documenting when a vehicle was started and when it was shut off. This not only cuts back on potential money lost, it also helps the payroll department do their job more efficiently.

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